We are providing services for the development of freelancers. You can make transactions subject to the following conditions.


  • 1 Avoid any illegal and money laundering transactions.
  • 2

    Do not engage in online gambling, money laundering, terrorist activities or any criminal activity by using our services.

  • 3

    We respect all the laws of the country. SafePayDollar.com authorities will not be held responsible in any way for any crime caused by using this service.

  • 4

    We will provide full co-operation to the law enforcement agencies of the country in suppressing any type of financial crime.

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    You need to "Sign Up"/"Log In" with the required information to start the transaction.

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We never do transactions through Facebook page, group, whatapp, imo etc. You must order through our website. And remember we don't have any other website except SafePayDollar.com. Our only contact phone number is +447462066397 (WhatsApp). We will not be responsible in any way if you are cheated by transacting anywhere other than SafePayDollar. Don't fall for anyone's temptation, do the transactions properly and keep your hard-earned money safe.

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